Want an autographed Kindle book?

How great is this?  On the Heat Wave reader yahoo loop today one of our cool reader friends, Susan, shared a link to Kindlegraph.  It’s a site set up to allow you to get your Kindle books electronically signed by authors.  Here’s how it works.  You go to Evan’s site (he’s the guy who invented Kindlegraph!) and find a book you have.  Actually I think as long as you have a kindle you don’t have to own the book to score a Kindlegraph but I haven’t tested that theory out yet.  You can do this by searching or by clicking on the link in the header that says authors to see who’s playing.  After that you click the button that says request a Kindlegraph.  Or you can go direct to my page on their site if you’d like me to sign something.  Easy peasy.

On the author side, we see a the person’s name and a little box opens for us to type in a note then sign away using our electronic signature.  So far I’ve requested a bunch of my favorite authors.  I’m hoping you’ll try it out.  No more having to wait for conferences or send me a SASE to my PO Box for an autographed goodie (though you’re still welcome to do that, the address is on my contact me page).  Now you can get a pretty instant note direct from the author on your Kindle.  Sweet!

Happy reading and Kindlegraph collecting,

New Review on an Old Favorite!

Dream Machine by Jayne RylonSo this morning I’m working on the print galley for Razor’s Edge (YEY!!!!). In the hunt for any reviews to highlight in the fore matter of the book I ran across a 4 1/2 wine glass review for Dream Machine on I Read Romance that might be my new favorite. I’m adding a quote and link to book page on my website but you can check out the full thing here!

In the meantime, here’s a snippet of my favorite parts, “Oh, my stars and stripes.  This story is a conflagration.  I was hooked from the very first page, which didn’t start with the love interests, but a conversation between two men who’ve known each other for a long time.  They’re discussing the experiment that is the basis for everything that happens in this story.  And, boy, is it a doozy.

When you read a lot of romance novels, like I do, you tend to become blasé about the sexual encounters of characters.  Oooh, he’s dominant, she’s a natural submissive.  So what?  He’s hung like a moose and she’s practically a virgin.  Big deal!  But the way Ms. Rylon approaches every encounter, with the freshness and vividness of first-time occurrences – for both characters – grabs the reader’s attention and holds it firmly in her grasp.  I’m still trying to calm my pulse from the last two or three intimate scenes (heck, all of them).  Then you add the natural reluctance of characters to share their feelings for fear of rejection, and you have a rich bouquet of emotions and dialog that enhance the overall experience.”


Spread Southern Comfort!

Southern ComfortThis is a big week for me!  In addition to the brand spanking new release in print of Cougarlicious (a Cougar Challenge anthology including Shifting Gears…see post below this one!), Tuesday, July 12 marks the release of Southern Comfort, book two in the Compass Brothers series. To celebrate, Mari Carr and I are planning an all-day event and there are several ways you can play along. One party participant will win a $25 gift card to Amazon.

1. Twitter-fest. All day on Twitter, we will post 140 character quotes from Northern Exposure and Southern Comfort. Simply RT the quotes to have your name thrown in the hat for the prize.

2. “Pass it on, Southern Comfort-style” on your blog. Simply post the cover, blurb, and buy link on your blog and send me the link via email (contact@jaynerylon.com) and your name will be thrown in the hat again!

3. We’ll also be sharing quotes on Facebook, but unfortunately they don’t allow contests on their site. Hope you’ll visit us there too!

Southern Comfort by Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon

Caught between desire and a promise…

Compass Brothers, Book 2

Seth Compton knew from the first that his boss’s daughter was all wrong for him. She was too feisty, too damned independent and, at seven years his junior, too damned young. When she comes home with a college diploma and fiancé on her arm, though, he can’t quite remember all the reasons he held her at arm’s length.

It’s not just his jeans-tightening reaction to her all-grown-up curves. Something doesn’t feel right about her impending marriage, and he won’t rest until he’s stopped her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

The morning after her wild bachelorette party, Jody expected a hangover. The surprise? Waking up tied to a bed with sexy-as-sin Seth. He’s got some wild idea about proving they belong together, but she’s not buying it. Besides, she has a promise to keep that’s too close to her heart to risk, especially not with a man who, until now, made his disinterest plain.

No one ever said Seth backed down from a challenge. She’s going to make him work for it? No problem. Luckily for him, he has plenty of rope…

Product Warnings

This story contains a bondage lovin’ cowboy who kidnaps and hogties a cowgirl to his bed and does all sorts of naughty things to her. Fun, right?

New Book IN PRINT!

CougarliciousI’m thrilled to share my latest print anthology available now from B&N here!  I loooove the cover!  It popped up on B&N today so it will likely appear at Amazon and Ellora’s Cave soon.  For now, you can  buy from B&N like I did–don’t laugh!–or check out the awesome cover of Cougarlicious, which features my second Cougar Challenge book, Shifting Gears (sequel to Driven), along with fantastic stories by Cerise Deland and Amber Skyze.

Contains Shifting Gears, sequel to Driven (part of the Needing A Cougar print anthology)

Mark envies his friend Bastian and the Cougar who tamed him. For years he’s had his eye on a sexy, older, married woman. Despite his and Bastian’s sharing women, he refuses to poach outside his steamy fantasies.

Sloan travels with the race car drivers as the league’s publicist. Living abroad can be lonely, especially when touring somewhere like China—where beautiful landscapes surround them but language and cultural barriers are high. Until she meets Lynn, who shares her love of erotic romances. In Lynn, she gains more than a friend—because sexy-as-sin navigator Mark is never far from the Cougar and her fiancé, making Sloan wonder if it’s time rejoin the dating scene after a nasty divorce.

When Lynn notices the chemistry between Mark and Sloan, she issues the Cougar Challenge. Sloan expected fantastic sex. But she never imagined her relationship with Mark would empower him to explore the sexual tension building between him and Bastian…

Four friends, two couples…one night none of them will forget.

Reader Advisory: If you didn’t guess from that last line, this story contains a sizzling f/m/m/f ménage.

This Cougar Challenge anthology also includes:

Hat Trick by Cerise Deland

Fit, fab and forty-five, Belle Sterling chomps at the bit to accept the Cougar Challenge. But finding a younger man in her one-horse Texas town is one giant problem—until two scrumptious men stroll into her office.

Gage Wagner and Trey Sandoval have been best buddies since college and know how to share…everything. When they meet luscious Belle, they know she needs the good lovin’ two men can provide…together.

Belle’s a regular gal and putting two men in her saddle seems like a dream. Then she tries it. More than once.

Gettin’ Lucky by Amber Skyze

Marcy Brown can’t get enough of Lucky, her massage therapist. Lucky’s fingers always linger dangerously close to…sensitive areas, and ignite a fire she can’t ignore. Marcy isn’t looking for a relationship, but a friend with benefits would be right up her alley. The women of her fave blog, Tempt the Cougar, swear by younger men, but Marcy doesn’t want to train someone. She wants a man who can give her orgasm after orgasm.

Lucky offers to be her secret lover and help her realize all her fantasies. With Lucky, Marcy discovers the thrill of sexual positions and taboos she’s been missing out on—up to and including sex with two gorgeous men at once.

All bets are off when this Cougar is challenged to get her growl on.

Happy Reading!


Cowboy Round Up Tomorrow!

Sam&SawyerJoin Delilah Devlin, Cat Johnson, Beth Williamson, Jayne Rylon and Mari Carr for a red hot night of roping and riding as they share excerpts from their latest Samhain Westerns. Yee Haw! We’ll be hanging out at the Samhain reader cafe yahoo loop from 6-8PM EST Sunday July 10th to discuss your favorites and show off what’s next to come.

Southern ComfortFor Mari Carr and I that means Southern Comfort, which releases from Samhain on TUESDAY!  We’ll have excerpts from the latest installment in the Compass Brothers series and maybe a sneak peek at book three, Eastern Ambitions, which will follow in November.

Oh and of course, we’re going to have PRIZES so be sure to come hang out and put your name in the hat for a Samhain giftcard!


Hot Summer Reading!

Remember summer reading?  Well, I took a new spin on it.  The first half of this year passed in a whirlwind for me between my day job, conferences from the west coast to the mid-west and a spur of the moment trip to Europe plus writing a half dozen or so books.  So… I gave myself a vacation.  After handing in Eastern Ambitions (Compass Brothers 3) ten days or so ago, I took a break from writing to clean my house and hang out with my family over the holiday weekend.  It was great and now I’m refreshed and ready to dive into Devon’s Pair (Powertools 4)!

So, you know if I had some down time I was reading up a storm.  I wanted to highlight three books I read by great friends which makes me even happier to say they rocked.  Ready?

First up was Salvation by Jambrea Jo Jones. First, if you haven’t already read the first in this series, Retribution, then stop right here and go do that first. 🙂 Once you’re totally hooked on the characters, step up to Rock and Se’s story (along with an extra added surprise) in Salvation. Every book I read by Jambrea is better than the last in craft, story and… well, every possible way. This one got me not just on the characters, including a stunning villain, but also with a GREAT plot twist that caught me totally unaware. Two thumb up!

Then came Blackjack by Mari Carr. What can I say that I haven’t already about Mari’s books? I’ve been a fan since day one when I read Tequila Truth and that will never cease to be true. For me the most stunning parts of this book were the historical pirate sections which paralleled a raunchy modern-day BDSM romp. I am begging Mari here and now to write a full out historical pirate adventure. I’d be first in line for sure to pick it up.

Last but certainly not least was Red Ribbon by Lila Dubois.  OMG.  I would like to tell you this book sucks since Lila is always making fun of my clothes (okay, fashion sense is not my best skill).  However, it was AMAZING.  I loved everything about it.  The characters were fun and fresh, just like Lila.  The sex scenes were not the standard, read-it-a-bunch-of-times kind of stuff and I LOVED the subtlety of the BDSM relationship outside the bedroom.  Lila explored some angles I’ve never considered before like having a minor celeb as a Dom and how he’d enjoy having his sub on his arm on the red carpet.  It felt organic, which was really refreshing after reading so many bondage books set in clubs (my own included).

Like Levar Burton used to say… Don’t Take My Word For It!  I highly recommend you check out these three books for hot summer reading.