Thank you! Super Nova Pre-Orders

SuperNova72lgThank you to all of you who have pre-ordered Super Nova, propelling it to #14 on Amazon’s multicultural romance bestseller list six weeks before it’s actually released!

Hot Rods book three coming December 3, 2013 from Samhain Publishing.

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His demons are no match for her passion.

Hot Rods, Book 3

Kaige “Super Nova” Davis doesn’t carry a chip on his shoulder. It’s more like a beast in his belly…and right now the monster he’s fought so hard to tame is growling to unleash its legendary temper.

Eli has gone behind his back and hired a marketing consultant. But when Kaige storms into the office to give Eli hell, one look at the mocha-skinned brunette seated across the desk flips a switch in his brain. And in his pants.

Nola Brown has never experienced Kaige’s powerful brand of sexual charisma. He makes her want to ditch her professional façade and be herself—a mistake she can’t afford to make. Yet just as he talks her defenses down—and proves that grease marks look just as good on her skin as a silk suit—she stumbles in on one of the Hot Rods’ late-night, full-throttle sessions.

Now Kaige wonders if she’ll embrace this glimpse of their future, or if she’ll run as fast as her killer stilettos can take her.

Warning: Contains a garage full of hot, passionate men who are good with their hands, and a woman who isn’t afraid to get a little down and dirty. And cute puppies. And did we mention hot men?

Release Day! Spread Your Wings

SpreadYourWings-RAvailable from Amazon, B&N, Samhain and KOBO

She’s through playing it safe…

Men in Blue, Book 4

Waiting. Watching.

Jambrea was patient long enough. After nearly ten years pining over a man with whom she’d spent a single night, her job set her on a collision course with two sexy cops who turned her head…and ignited her passion.

More agonizing. Debating.

When it became clear that Matt and Clint would never admit to the bisexual attraction making an equilateral relationship possible, she couldn’t choose a favorite. So she had to turn away and move her life forward—without them. Jambrea approaches Mistress Lily and Master Jeremy to arrange a wild night at their sex club—never expecting her friends would pull a bait and switch.

Time’s up.

Just when happily ever after dangles within reach, it becomes clear someone has Jambrea in their crosshairs. Is it one of her lovers’ old cases coming back to haunt them, or a ghost from her military past? One thing’s for certain. Now that they’ve made the leap, they’d better learn to soar…or they’ll all crash together.

Vote for the 2014 Bookies

Voting is now open for the 2014 Bookie Awards given at Authors After Dark in Charlotte next year. I’m up for four awards: Contemporary Novel Of the Year – Pick Your Pleasure, Most Accessible Author, Series of the Year – Hot Rods, and Single Author Anthology of the Year – Powertools. Come support your favorites!

A few reminders… the Powertools apparel campaign ( is only open for 10 more days.  We’ve met the minimum required orders so the shirts/hoodies will definitely be going to print.  Anyone else can join in until the cut off then they will all print and ship together (it’s how they keep prices low!).  After that they will be unavailable so get your limited-edition gear while you can!  Also, Mr. Rylon started his own t-shirt line of smartass sayings.  You can check out his current shirt here:


SpreadYourWings-RAlso, Spread Your Wings, Men in Blue 4 will be out next Tuesday!  You can pre-order from Amazon, B&N or Samhain.

Happy reading!