Christmas Contest!

I’ve teamed up with four other authors to participate in a little Christmas gift giving for all the fans out there.  Earn up to 35 entries by completing the tasks below or pick and choose what you like 🙂

From me, you’ll have the chance to win a copy of Star of Christmas along with the other authors fabulous prizes.

Happy holidays!


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Audiobooks coming soon!

Nice and NaughtyI am thrilled to announce, I have officially struck a deal for Nice and Naughty to be produced as an audiobook! It should be available pretty quickly, around the beginning of February if all goes according to plan, on Audible, Amazon and Apple Books.

There were quite a few terrific auditions for the narrator (I have such a tough job reviewing them, I know!) but I knew the man I extended the offer to was the right guy for the job when I checked out his Facebook page and there was a recent post about his mother making a That’s What She Said joke.

I’ll share more details as we get further along but there you have it. Be on the lookout for more of my books in audio format soon. Thanks to all of you who have requested more eargasms as one awesome fan put it.  This one’s for you.  It’s kind of an experiment, so I hope if you want to see more in this format you’ll snap it up.  I hope you enjoy!

And tune in for more exciting news soon 🙂

Available now in ebook and print, coming soon in audiobook.


A thrill seeker at heart, Alexa Jones has learned to contrain her adrenaline rushes to intense boardroom negotiations after a disastrous lesson in heartache.  But when she cracks, and indulges in a high-octane encounter on the hood of her sports car, she becomes involved in more than a simple affair.  Can one man appease Alexa’s nice and naughty sides?
Justin Winston got more than he bargained for on his refreshing summer drive, but now he’s entangled the woman of his dreams in a web of murder and corporate espionage. That’s not the way to convince her scarred heart to trust him.  He needs assistance from someone practical, controlled… safe.  Luckily, he knows just the man to call on for help.
Or will it take two?

Out Today! Hot Rods 3, Super Nova

SuperNova72lg Super Nova is out today!  Check in on the Hot Rods gang and the Powertools Crew as well.  Also, don’t miss out on limited edition tees and hoodies, which are only available until Thursday at 7PM.  Teespring has said they’ll arrive in time for the holidays if you want to gift one, or ask for it as a present!

Available from Amazon, B&N or Samhain

His demons are no match for her passion.

Hot Rods, Book 3

Kaige “Super Nova” Davis doesn’t carry a chip on his shoulder. It’s more like a beast in his belly…and right now the monster he’s fought so hard to tame is growling to unleash its legendary temper.

Eli has gone behind his back and hired a marketing consultant. But when Kaige storms into the office to give Eli hell, one look at the mocha-skinned brunette seated across the desk flips a switch in his brain. And in his pants.

Nola Brown has never experienced Kaige’s powerful brand of sexual charisma. He makes her want to ditch her professional façade and be herself—a mistake she can’t afford to make. Yet just as he talks her defenses down—and proves that grease marks look just as good on her skin as a silk suit—she stumbles in on one of the Hot Rods’ late-night, full-throttle sessions.

Now Kaige wonders if she’ll embrace this glimpse of their future, or if she’ll run as fast as her killer stilettos can take her.Hot Rods Design 1 - For Detail

Warning: Contains a garage full of hot, passionate men who are good with their hands, and a woman who isn’t afraid to get a little down and dirty. And cute puppies. And did we mention hot men?