Meet the Heat – Mari Carr

Okay, so… first I have to say that I have been fantastically busy this summer getting ready for a slew of fall and winter releases.  This does not forgive my horrible lack of blogging so I’ll also say I hope you’re all checking out the International Heat summer marathon for tons of fun, prizes and getting to know our authors better.  In the meantime, I’m trying to get back on the wagon 🙂  Who better to start with than the hysterical and lovely, Mari Carr?

If you haven’t read all of Mari’s books yet, I have to say you’re missing out big time.  My personal favorite… well, it’s hard to pick just one damn it!  I’d probably go with Rough Cut or, of course, one of the books in the Compass series Mari and I are co-writing!  No, no, it’s Saturday Night Special.  Or Retreat.  Crap.  It’s not tough, it’s impossible.

In fact, I adore Mari’s books so much I wanted to shout it to the world.  Here’s a little snippet (surprise, Mari!) from my upcoming book, Shifting Gears, releasing soon from Ellora’s Cave.  You can check out a longer excerpt from the book here but I hope you’ll swing by the International Heat blog as Mari is hosting this week!

Shifting Gears by Jayne Rylon

Chapter One

“Oh my God!”

The woman on the corrugated aluminum bleacher several rows in front of Sloan turned with wide eyes when Sloan shouted. She caught Sloan’s stare on the sexy cover of her erotic romance novel and flipped it closed—cover side down—discretely.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you.” Sloan smiled. “I know how it is when you’re lost in a good book. And that book is fan-fucking-tastic! I love Mari Carr. Her stories are smoking hot. Especially the ménages. Yum.”

The woman grinned and nodded. “I’ve read almost all of hers. My reading group back in the US mailed me this one. It arrived last night and I’m halfway done already. I tried to ration it out—a chapter a day—but it’s impossible.”