Remember summer reading?  Well, I took a new spin on it.  The first half of this year passed in a whirlwind for me between my day job, conferences from the west coast to the mid-west and a spur of the moment trip to Europe plus writing a half dozen or so books.  So… I gave myself a vacation.  After handing in Eastern Ambitions (Compass Brothers 3) ten days or so ago, I took a break from writing to clean my house and hang out with my family over the holiday weekend.  It was great and now I’m refreshed and ready to dive into Devon’s Pair (Powertools 4)!

So, you know if I had some down time I was reading up a storm.  I wanted to highlight three books I read by great friends which makes me even happier to say they rocked.  Ready?

First up was Salvation by Jambrea Jo Jones. First, if you haven’t already read the first in this series, Retribution, then stop right here and go do that first. 🙂 Once you’re totally hooked on the characters, step up to Rock and Se’s story (along with an extra added surprise) in Salvation. Every book I read by Jambrea is better than the last in craft, story and… well, every possible way. This one got me not just on the characters, including a stunning villain, but also with a GREAT plot twist that caught me totally unaware. Two thumb up!

Then came Blackjack by Mari Carr. What can I say that I haven’t already about Mari’s books? I’ve been a fan since day one when I read Tequila Truth and that will never cease to be true. For me the most stunning parts of this book were the historical pirate sections which paralleled a raunchy modern-day BDSM romp. I am begging Mari here and now to write a full out historical pirate adventure. I’d be first in line for sure to pick it up.

Last but certainly not least was Red Ribbon by Lila Dubois.  OMG.  I would like to tell you this book sucks since Lila is always making fun of my clothes (okay, fashion sense is not my best skill).  However, it was AMAZING.  I loved everything about it.  The characters were fun and fresh, just like Lila.  The sex scenes were not the standard, read-it-a-bunch-of-times kind of stuff and I LOVED the subtlety of the BDSM relationship outside the bedroom.  Lila explored some angles I’ve never considered before like having a minor celeb as a Dom and how he’d enjoy having his sub on his arm on the red carpet.  It felt organic, which was really refreshing after reading so many bondage books set in clubs (my own included).

Like Levar Burton used to say… Don’t Take My Word For It!  I highly recommend you check out these three books for hot summer reading.