How great is this?  On the Heat Wave reader yahoo loop today one of our cool reader friends, Susan, shared a link to Kindlegraph.  It’s a site set up to allow you to get your Kindle books electronically signed by authors.  Here’s how it works.  You go to Evan’s site (he’s the guy who invented Kindlegraph!) and find a book you have.  Actually I think as long as you have a kindle you don’t have to own the book to score a Kindlegraph but I haven’t tested that theory out yet.  You can do this by searching or by clicking on the link in the header that says authors to see who’s playing.  After that you click the button that says request a Kindlegraph.  Or you can go direct to my page on their site if you’d like me to sign something.  Easy peasy.

On the author side, we see a the person’s name and a little box opens for us to type in a note then sign away using our electronic signature.  So far I’ve requested a bunch of my favorite authors.  I’m hoping you’ll try it out.  No more having to wait for conferences or send me a SASE to my PO Box for an autographed goodie (though you’re still welcome to do that, the address is on my contact me page).  Now you can get a pretty instant note direct from the author on your Kindle.  Sweet!

Happy reading and Kindlegraph collecting,