Labor Day Sale! I just learned that I can make coupons on my online store, woot! So for the entire holiday weekend, I’m giving away a free ebook with any apparel purchase. Here’s how to claim your free book in three easy steps:

1. Go to www.jaynerylon.com/shop
2. Put both the ebook version of Pick Your Pleasure and the apparel in your cart.
3. Enter the coupon code for the appropriate file type you’ve selected to read your ebook in.

PickYourApparelMobi (kindle)
PickYourApparelEpub (nook, kobo and ipads)
PickYourApparelPDF (read on your computer, phone, etc)

Voila! The site will deduct the cost of the ebook ($3.99) and you’ll get an email with a download link as soon as checkout for the rest of your order is complete.

Happy reading and have a great holiday weekend.