JayneRylon-NiceandNaughtyFullSizeIt’s here, it’s here!  Nice and Naughty in audiobook is on Audible.com! (Update:  It’s also available on Amazon and Apple Books now too, see the link below)  Their email to me said it’d be on both vendors within a few days, though this is my first time doing this so I’ll wait and see like you all.  Even more amazing, they have a special program where if you sign up for a free 30 day Audible trial you can get the book for free!  To be totally honest, they run a bounty program where if Nice and Naughty is one of the first three books you buy after having an Audible membership, I make a $25 bounty in addition to royalties (felt it was only fair that I disclose that!), so if you’ve been wanting a membership, now’s the time.

In any case, I sincerely hope you enjoy the book in this new medium.  It’s an experiment for me, too.  I paid out of pocket to have the project produced in light of recent demand for audiobooks.  If you like listening to stories and want to hear more, please support this release so that I know it’s something I should pursue in the future.  If it’s a viable way to distribute my books, I’ll keep doing it.  Gladly!  Gregory D. Salinas did a fantastic job of bringing the characters to life and I’d love to see more of my stories get this treatment.

Available now on Audible, Apple Books and Amazon (Amazon doesn’t allow direct linking to Audible products for some reason, just click the “Audible Audio Product” tab on my author page and you’ll see the title listed there).

Oh!  In other fun but random news, I got the cover for Swinger Style (Hot Rods #5) today too.  Check it out!SwingerStyle72lg The book will release on 6/24 and Rebel on the Run (Hot Rods #4) will hit ebook stores two months before that on 4/22.  More fun stuff to come!

I’m leaving Saturday for a SCUBA trip in Bonaire (Dutch Carribean) but I can’t seem to kick this upper respiratory infection so not sure that I’ll be diving.  I guess there are worse fates than writing sexy stories on a beach!  Especially when it’s -9 degrees here in Ohio right now.  See you all in ten days or so!