1002903_474387372657395_461259961_nThank you so much to everyone who helped put Pick Your Pleasure on the USA Today Bestseller list this week as part of the Taste of Decadence bundle.  I’m thrilled to be happy dancing tonight with my good friends Lexi Blake, Cari Quinn, Carrie Ann Ryan and Marie Harte.  If you haven’t checked it out yet, the bundle includes five full books for $9.99.  And if you did, hopefully you enjoyed Pick Your Pleasure.  Good news, I’m working on Pick Your Pleasure 2 right now and should be done within the next week or so.  The book focuses on Henry’s story so get ready to find out the answers to some of the questions you’ve been asking me in email!  Pick Your Pleasure 3 will also be out later this year.

Until those books are finished, there’s plenty more in store starting with Hope Springs, Compass Brothers 2, which will be released in less than two weeks!

Again, a huge thank you!