They’re getting hotter every day!  Today’s addition to the cover art for the Hot Rods series has me drooling.  I can’t thank the artistic team enough for these amazing images that are representing my stories.  Angela Waters, cover artist extraordinaire, Sophia Renee of Unique Portrait Services who took the amazing photos and everyone at Samhain Publishing who pulled it all together all have my undying thanks.  So… next up… Hot Rods book 3, Super Nova, will be out on 12/3/13.  Here’s a little about the book:

KingCobra72lgAs the Hot Rods garage and restoration business takes off, the mechanics-turned-businessmen realize they’re in over their heads. To maximize profits, and harness the momentum they’re generating, they hire a consultant who specializes in emerging brands.

Kaige isn’t bashful about expressing his dislike for an intruder in their midst, especially in light of the late-night rendezvous they’ve been indulging in lately. After all, he’s always been the mastermind behind their latest and greatest offerings at the shop. But when sexy, ultra-professional Nola Brown turns up, he decides a new game is in order.

MustangSally72lgHe wastes no time in attempting to seduce her because peeling back the layers of her stuffy personality is almost as appealing as tearing off the layers of the three-piece business suits she wears so damn well. He’s never met a woman as prim and proper as Ms. Brown and he can’t wait to get her a little dirty, maybe in the backseat of his car.

When he finally wins out and proves grease marks go just fine on her perfect, porcelain skin, the rest of the gang wonders how things will shake out given their new and fragile interrelationships. They shouldn’t have worried, because when Kaige and Nola stumble on one of the Hot Rods’ sessions going full-throttle, she doesn’t run away as fast as her killer stilettos can carry her. In fact, just the opposite.

The resulting flash of light when Kaige’s two greatest attractions collide is more blinding than a super nova. Now all he has to do is convince his woman that their brilliance won’t burn out in one night. It can last a lifetime.

HotRods72lgAlso joining the art for the series is Hot Rods, which will be the print anthology of King Cobra and Mustang Sally (Books 1 & 2).  It will hit bookshelves next year on 5/6/14.  I can’t wait!

I hope you enjoy the stories and the art as much as I am.