PickYourPleasure-FINAL finalThanks so much for all the great feedback on Pick Your Pleasure!  I’m thrilled fans are enjoying the story.  Another five star review rolled in today.  This one is from Ursula at Love Books! Book Reviews.  You can check out the full AWESOME review by clicking on the link following the quote with one of my favorite parts 🙂

“Ms. Rylon has tapped into a sadly unused side of my personality and it is done with absolute awesomeness! I can indulge my playful and curious side, all while being titillated and aroused. It’s really the best of both worlds all wrapped up in one deliciously adult package. I swear that woman is a genius! And it’s all offset by the sexy kind of writing that Ms. Rylon does so well. There is a reason I devour every single one of her books I can get my hands on. That’s because she tells interesting stories with smoking hot love scenes that are incendiary enough to make even a nun spontaneously combust.” 5 Stars from Ursula at Love Books!

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The book is now up at a variety of vendors with a few more to come (like Apple Books).  Also, the print proof arrived today so I think it should be available from Amazon etc. in a few weeks.  I’ll shout it out when it shows up.  Until then, I hope those of you who decide to try something different enjoy it!  I’m curious to know what paths you’re choosing!