HammerItHome72lgToday’s the day!  The (sort of, maybe) last book of the Powertools series is finally here!  I’m happy and sad having come to enjoy writing these characters so much.  Don’t worry, we’ll be seeing more of the Crew in a future series.  If the hot construction workers were Powertools, their mechanic friends are Hot Rods!

I’m thrilled to say Eli and Alanso, who you’ll meet in this book, are kicking off a new series.  It will start with three books out next year and (hopefully) three the following year.  Each is titled with the restored car the character drives.  First up, King Cobra, then Mustang Sally and third will be Super Nova.  More to come on that soon, or you can check out the post below for a little more.

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Okay, but for today’s installment, here’s a little more info:

When times get tough, the tough stage one scorching hot intervention.

Morgan is happy that her best friend Kate is expecting the crew’s littlest member, but helping renovate a room for a nursery is more than she can bear. Baby furniture and pastel paint are a painful reminder that she and Joe can’t—and will never—conceive. There’s no hiding it from the rest of the close-knit crew, either.

True to their unique brand of love, the gang rallies to find a non-traditional solution to alleviate their friends’ suffering. Not with a cold, clinical visit to a sperm donation clinic, but delivering it the old fashioned way. With a healthy dose of searing passion.

But soon after Morgan’s scorching hot night with her husband’s four best friends, an accident threatens the life of one of those men. The challenges that lie ahead will test crew’s powerful bond to the limit—and their long-standing promise to take care of each other through good, bad, and sexy times. Whatever it takes…

Plus the book has already had an awesome review released.  It’s from Alyn at Guilt Pleasure reviews and you can read the whole thing here.  My favorite part is:  “While the stories are short, they always blow me away and leave me wishing I could be part of that little circle even if for one night. Another great chapter in the Powertools saga that left this book addict very satisfied!”

I hope you agree!  Thank you so much for sticking with me through this series and making Powertools a career changing project for me.  I appreciate every single reader who has contributed to their success.

Thank you and happy reading,