I am beyond thrilled to say that I found out tonight Western Ties, Compass Brothers 4, co-written with Mari Carr hit #17 on the New York Times Bestseller list and #59 on the USA Today bestseller list.  OMG!!!!  I hope you are proud of me because this time I didn’t even scream obscenities in Lindsey Faber’s (Samhain’s publisher) ear when she called to tell me.  I saved that for when I hung up as I was bouncing on my bed and simul-tweeting my screams of joy.  🙂

Super huge THANK YOU to all of you who supported this series and all of mine and Mari’s books.  I can’t tell you how much it means to have reached a benchmark of success in this industry (and not be a one hit wonder!).  Every single person who has bought one of my stories has helped make my dreams come true and I would like to share my sincere gratitude for that.  It’s because of readers like you that my books keep finding homes.

On that note… more good news…

My partners in crime from the Three’s Company anthology (which contained Nice and Naughty) are back in business.  Lorelei James, Jess Dee and myself are working on a project for Samhain Publishing.  The anthology will be called Two to Tango and will contain a book by each of us when it hits print.  The three books will release separately in ebook on October 2nd of this year!  Mine is called Where There’s Smoke.  More details to come when I’m a bit more organized but I thought you’d like to know that Lorelei’s story, Ballroom Blitz, is going to feature Jon Whitefeather from the original anthology!!!  Woohoo!

So… there you have it.  Good news and more good news.  Again, thank you for your part in making it happen.  I hope I keep writing stories that make you want to read them.  I’ll do my very best!