freeforall_FINALHello everyone, I hope you’re surviving the holiday insanity.  I’m thrilled to say I got an early Christmas present today in the form of a gorgeous new cover.  This one is for Red Light #4, Free For All.  For all of you Star & Rick fans, I think you’ll be pleased with the HEA in this book, which is why it will be releasing in the regular Ellora’s Cave line instead of the Exotika line.  Woohoo!  Anyone recognize the model who got cast as Rick?  Yep, it’s our friend Alex the Caveman who was as charming and gracious as he is handsome when we met him at Romanticon.  I couldn’t love the cover any more!  I’m not sure on the release date yet but I’ll shout it out as soon as I know.  In the meantime, here’s a little bit about the book 🙂  Happy reading!

After an amazing courtship filled with nights steamy enough to thaw the lingering winter chill, Sarah is finally beginning to believe she might have found the one man on earth who can support her career as a sex worker in Amsterdam’s Red Light district.  But when she asks around, it’s clear Rick isn’t taking advantage of the freedom their open relationship offers. None of the sexiest girls in the district have serviced him for months.  Not even Mari, a previous favorite.

Afraid of losing the star of her nice and extra naughty dreams, Sarah confronts her boyfriend about his change of heart.  Rick confesses he’s no longer interested in wild times without her.  Instead, he’d like to try experimenting with multiple partners, show off his sexy woman and revel in the company of like-minded hedonists.  Fortunately, he knows just the place for a debauched experience wicked enough to make even an experienced hooker blush.

A sexual free for all is on the menu at one of Amsterdam’s infamous swinger’s clubs.  Will it satisfy their hunger?