MistresssMaster72LGThis is very timely as I’m working on the print galley to prepare the third installment in the Men in Blue series for print release on 8/7/12.  As part of the process I supply review quotes and boy does this one have plenty of great ones.  I can’t tell you how much I love reviews from Whipped Cream reviews.  And this one is no exception.  I recommend you check out the full review here but these snippets are making me smile big time!

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“This tale will have you riveted with its nail biting suspense and overheating from its nuclear eroticism, and a happy ending that will leave you feeling completely fulfilled. Ms. Rylon has an amazing talent for creating a clear picture in her reader’s minds that transports them into the middle of the action, creating a heart pounding, emotionally charged experience. This story was fast paced with non-stop action, believable dialogue, characters displaying raw emotions and a plot with twists and turns that would not allow me to put this book down. The eroticism portrayed in this story had me turning the pages to find out what was next and asking myself if I could stand the intensity. Ms. Rylon’s love scenes are written expressively with vivid descriptions and extreme imagery connecting her readers to the scene with their minds and emotions. If you like a book filled with a perfect blend of fast-paced suspense and explosive sexual tension, go get yourself a copy of Mistress’s Master you will not be disappointed.”

Go Men in Blue!  You can also check out a blurb and excerpt on the book’s page on my site by clicking here.