MistresssMaster72LGYippee.  Two cool things for today.  First, Mistress’s Master was reviewed by RT Magazine.  It got four stars (the highest they give is 4.5)!  And even better, the text of the review made me feel like the reviewer was really in tune with the book.  Can’t ask for better than that.  Here’s a snippet but you can check out the full thing at their everything ebooks site here.

“Rylon knows her stuff, providing readers with explicit, clear-as-day details about everything in the subculture from toys to scenery. As a couple, Lily and Jeremy are fascinating to watch, as they’re both dominating and frequently butt heads, vying for control. Mistress Lily is a compassionate dom, whose struggle to submit while still attempting to rescue her charges will resonate with readers. Jeremy’s need to dominate is feral, but it balances nicely with his need to protect Lily. The story’s pacing is quick, with plenty of scorching scenes to buffer the conflict.”

EasternAmbitions72LGAlso, Eastern Ambitions is officially up for pre-sale at Samhain.  WOOHOO.  That’s extra exciting because it means it’s less than one month to release day (11/8) AND it means the book is on the 30% off cover price discount standard for Samhain presales.  You can check it out here, just $3.85.  It’s also up on Amazon and other third party resellers for presale if you prefer.  And while we’re talking about Compass Brothers I have to tell you that we’re working on edits on Western Ties right now.  I can’t wait until you all can read how Mari handled Sawyer’s story.  I knew what was going to happen and it still had a major emotional impact when I read it.  The whole series is one I’m really proud to be a part of.