MistresssMaster72LGIt’s finally here!  RELEASE DAY!  I’m bouncing up and down over here in Hawaii.  Sorry for being later than usual posting but even getting up at the crack of dawn here means I’m six hours behind normal for me.  It’s kind of fun living in the future 🙂  Or maybe the past… Hmmm… however that works.  I never was great at telling time.  Except for one thing.  I’m sure that it’s time for Jeremy and Lily’s story to be out in the world.  I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.  I really adore the Men in Blue and the ever expanding group of friends.  So… before I ramble on forever…. here’s a naughtier excerpt than what I’ve posted here before since this is probably my dirtiest book to date.  Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win a souvenir from my trip to Hawaii!

Thank you to everyone who has supported this series so far!

“Clint, Matt.” Jeremy glanced between his friends. “Suit up. Give it to her.”

Lily mourned the loss when Jeremy slipped from between her legs. A trickle of her arousal chased him down her thigh. She’d come hard enough to rattle her molars, and still she burned. Though she’d always enjoyed sex with multiple partners, she would have given what remained of her life savings to have this man topping her and teaching her to love it again and again.
She must have closed her eyes as she took stock of the internal devastation he’d left in the wake of his passing, as damaging as an F5 tornado. What had happened to her carefully constructed defenses? How had he razed them with one simple fuck?

Nothing about Jeremy could be uncomplicated. If she were honest, months of slow erosion had weakened the foundation of her convictions. Nights filled with seductive dreams had piqued her curiosity.

Now she knew. One taste of him would never suffice.

So where had he gone? She searched the limited field of her vision. Had he slaked his craving? Would his interest persist after taming Mistress Lily?

There could be no doubt between them. She’d crumbled in the face of his mastery.

Sex Offender amplified her lingering arousal until it became painful and insistent. She needed to fuck. The one man she wanted was nowhere to be found.

“Don’t worry.”

She moaned when he crouched beside her shoulder, tipping her face toward his.

Jeremy rained kisses over her cheeks, her forehead and her lips. He leaned in close to murmur in her ear. “I don’t need drugs to addict me to you. We’re going to talk about that stunt later. It’s not your right to harm my property.”

She groaned as she pictured herself bound to his bed with smooth silk ties. Candlelight flickered over her bare body before splashes of fragrant wax transformed her into a canvas, primed to display his Pollock-esque art. The altered chemistry of her brain advocated the idea. Her abdomen flexed as her pussy squeezed, hugging only air.

Damn it, she needed him. However she had to buy his touch.

“That’s right. I might have to dole out some discipline before I feed my cock to your hungry pussy. Soon.”

“Promise?” She couldn’t believe the wistful rasp shading her question.

“Yeah.” His rare full-on smile stole her breath. “Watching you take these men will have me hard. Fast. It won’t be long before we’re joined again. And next time it’ll be even better.”

“I’m not sure that’s possible.”

“Flattery won’t save you, slave.” He raised his voice for all to hear as he regained his feet. “You’re nowhere near finished. In fact, you’ve only begun.”

Lily cast her gaze around the stage. Spectators encroached, shrinking the diameter of free space buffering her from the swarming masses. Several of the men in the front row rubbed their crotches through their fetish gear. A few extracted their cocks, rubbing slow and long or fast and furious over the tips of their dicks as they observed Clint inch between her legs.

A cramp gripped her, forcing her to groan despite her gritted teeth. The relaxation of her orgasm faded as the temporary reprieve Jeremy had granted disintegrated and the scalding urge to procreate returned, stealing her sanity.

“Come on, Clint.” Jeremy gripped her tethered wrists in one hand. She stared up at where he stood—legs spread, one hand on his hip—and encouraged his colleague to fuck her. Not because he got off on watching, though he might, but because he correctly interpreted her cravings. “If you can’t do it, move aside. She’s getting worse. I won’t stand for anyone to hurt her.”

A few of the guests took a step back.

The authority in Jeremy’s tone might have given her pause too if she hadn’t been the recipient of his protection. Another blast of desire ripped through her, this time knotting her muscles until she swore a charley horse wrung her uterus.

“Breathe.” Jeremy covered her mouth with his warm lips and infused her with a taste of peach candy. Who would guess a man like him would have a sweet tooth?

She inhaled, if only to draw the scent of him into her lungs.

“That’s it.” He shared several puffs of air with her, establishing a pattern. “Keep it up.”

She focused on obeying as he monitored her implementation of his feedback. After a handful of breaths, he nodded.

“What are you waiting for?” he growled at Clint.

The officer drew a triangle between her, Jeremy and Matt. When his stare clashed with his partner’s, he shrugged. “Is this insane?”

“Yes.” Matt scrubbed his hands through his exceptionally short hair. “Totally.”

Lily cried out when a spasm clenched her toes. From breasts to pussy, her nerves screamed. Her nails scraped Jeremy’s forearm when her fingers curled into fists. Why wouldn’t someone touch her?

“Get out of my way. I’ll fuck her if you won’t.”

Ryan deflected the man who attempted to breach the shrinking gap between her and the throng of Morselli’s acquaintances.

“It’s crazy. But she needs it. You.” Matt placed his hand on Clint’s shoulder then nudged his partner closer to her. “Do it.”

“Are you sure, Lily?”

He didn’t hear her whimpered, “No.”

“She’s not calling the shots.” Jeremy diverted attention from her as she mouthed a thank you in Matt’s direction. “Her fate is in my hands. And I say fuck her.”

Clint cursed as he surrounded his hard-on with his thick fingers. He glanced in her direction. “I can’t resist.”

She wrestled with the raw passion singeing her guts until something warm and smooth nudged her pussy. A shriek ripped past her lips before she could stop it.

If he’d pulled back any faster, Clint would have busted his ass.

Ben prevented him from retreating another step. The slave wasn’t timid. He put his hands on Clint’s waist and guided the other man into place.

Encouragement bubbled up then crescendoed as bystanders joined the chant. “Do it. Do it. Do it.”

This time, when Clint touched the tip of his erection to her soaked folds, he didn’t hesitate. Lily trembled as he worked his length inside her. She soaked in the pressure of Jeremy’s hands, which cupped her shoulders, planting her in place. He braced her for his friend to plow into.

“Oh, shit.” Clint’s erection throbbed where it lodged partially inside her. “She’s on fire. That stuff she took…”

“It’s more than that.” Jeremy’s declaration brimmed with pride. “She’s flawless. Adventurous. Dying to please me, and you because I’ve expressed my wish. Give it to her, Clint.”

The fun-loving cop turned serious. He clutched the cords suspending her. Level with his solid chest, his fists closed around the pair attached in the crease between her spread thighs and her hips. She sighed as he soothed some of the intensity inside her, turning it into ecstasy.

“Good girl.” Jeremy petted her hair, wrapping the long length around his hands. “Does he feel nice inside that steamy pussy?”

“No.” She squirmed in an attempt to lock them together more solidly. Instead, her motion squeezed Clint from her depths as he began to thrust, still edging deeper inside the inferno of her body.

“Little liar.” Jeremy grinned as he bent slightly, reaching for her breasts.

She choked when he palmed the mounds. Under the influence of Sex Offender, it felt like he’d draped a cool, damp cloth over massive sunburn.

“You three, put your hands on her. Touch her. Everywhere.” Jeremy jerked his chin at Ben, Ryan and Matt.