provokeme_msrOkay, so I won’t reveal exactly why but I hope you’ll find out for yourself.  You see, it happened when I read Cari’s awesome book, Provoke Me.  Provoke Me is the second in her Unveiled series from Ellora’s Cave.   I also read Reveal Me and loved that one too.  I sent Cari an email gushing over it when I finished but couldn’t stop reading long enough to post to my blog about it before picking up book two.  PS… If you are my editor and you are reading this, I promise I was hard at work on Devon’s Pair (Powertools #4) not goofing off, reading.

I also wanted to give a big shout out to Cari’s editor Jillian Bell.  Both of the books were exceptionally clean.  I didn’t notice a single typo in Reveal Me, which is something I can’t say for most books I’ve read lately (including my own, yipes).

So, long story short… If you’re looking for a hot, contemporary romance, give this one a shot.  Plus it’s about people who work in a book store, what’s not to love about that?