MistresssMaster72LGSo, I hope you’ll forgive me for not being so organized about having release day fun for Mistress’s Master. It comes out Tuesday (and is already up for pre-sale at Samhain, Amazon & B&N) by the way! I’m thrilled for the next installment in the Men in Blue series, please don’t doubt that. BUT… I’m on vacation! In Hawaii. And despite my best intentions, I’m guessing I might not be as diligent about posting the character interviews and contests I had planned.

So instead, I’m going to post some of the highlights of my trip and I’ll choose one commenter on the posts from now until release day to win a souvenir from Hawaii 🙂 Sound like fun? Good.

Day 1 – We arrived in Honolulu yesterday at 2:30 local time.  Despite a long day of flying we hit Waikiki beach right away and tested our snorkel gear before wandering into a Japanese street fair (where I got an ENORMOUS cotton candy, I knew this was paradise) and then watched fireworks over the ocean.  Here are a few pictures.  Now it’s off to Hanauma Nature Preserve then to Pearl Harbor.  See you all tomorrow!