Razor's Edge
I just saw that Stefani Clayton at Just Erotic Romance Reviews gave Razor’s Edge a five star review! You can read the whole thing at their site but here are my favorite parts.

“Great story! Razor’s Edge: Men in Blue 2 surprised me with the depth of the characters, and the perfect flow of the story itself. Isabella is not what I expected, and I loved her character! Not at all the spoiled rich girl that I expected, she was honest and personable. The chemistry between the two leading characters just leapt from the pages, which made the story all the more powerful. Razor is young, but boy! If it’s true that men get better with age, I’d love to read more stories with him. There were several secondary characters, including the introduction of Isabella’s sister, who is fascinating. I look forward to reading her story. Everything about this book was perfect, there was enough sexual tension throughout this story that when the characters finally gave in, whew! The sparks were hot and bright. I can’t say enough about this story, it’s a winner, you just won’t find many written as well.”

Razor’s Edge is available now in ebook and will be out in print on October 4, 2011. It’s up for pre-order on Amazon here.