Can't Buy LoveIt’s almost here!  Wednesday (2/23)  marks the release of Can’t Buy Love, the third installment in the Red Light series featuring Star and Rick.


What man would be crazy enough to date a whore?  Star is a sex worker in Amsterdam’s red light district.  After the intimate exchange between her and Rick, she’s hoped to take their adventure into affection farther.  Too bad he’s disappeared for weeks.

When he resurfaces, to deliver her portion of the paycheck they’d earned by starring in a live sex show together, the magnetism between them proves irresistible.  In the wake of undeniable passion, they’re left wondering if they can make a relationship work in unconventional circumstances.

They’re both convinced… you can buy sex, but you can’t buy love.  And nothing else will satisfy their hunger for each other.

Northern ExposureAlso, I wanted to let you know that Mari Carr and I are going to be doing a Virtual Book Tour in honor of our co-written release, Northern Exposure.  The first half of March we’re going to be doing something fun every day so check back soon for more details on where you can come hang out with us, chat and win some prizes.

Hope to see you there!