Shifting Gears by Jayne RylonBefore I go squeeing about the awesome review, I wanted to remind you about my contest for Sylvia Day’s latest and greatest book.  Just comment on the contest post (right below this one) to be entered.  You have until 1/21.  Okay, so…  Shifting Gears got a 4.5 Lip review from Two Lips Reviews!  SQUEEEEEE

You can read the entire review on their site but here’s my favorite section of what reviewer Rose had to say, “While some would find Sloan’s proposal too daring, both Lynn and Bastian realize that it’s a fantasy they too share and these four friends embark on a night no one will forget. I really liked how Ms. Rylon developed the characters and their mutual friendship in this story. Not many women would take the risk that Sloan took in fulfilling their lover’s fantasy—she risked not only their relationship but the mutual friendship they shared with Lynn and Bastian. Bastian and Mark also took a risk; would the actions of one night change their working relationship? I was very pleased with how this story concluded and I look forward to reading more of Ms. Rylon’s work. Want to know if the Cougar got her Cub? Read Shifting Gears to find out.”

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