Happy almost New Year!  I decided to throw an impulsive party.  Except you don’t have to change out of your PJs or brave any bad weather to attend 🙂  Somehow, I managed to have eight book releases this year.  Woohoo.  So I thought I’d do a little countdown with contests to recap all the fun.  For each of my 2010 releases I’ll post the blurb, an excerpt and a question.  Leave a comment about the question and you’ll be entered to win an electronic copy of the book.

Even better news… I already have eight more releases lined up for 2011:
1/25/11 – Morgan’s Surprise (Powertools Book #2)
3/15/11 – Northern Exposure with Mari Carr! (Compass Brothers #1)
May 2011 – Kayla’s Gift (Powertools Book #3)
July 2011 – Southern Comfort with Mari Carr! (Compass Brothers #2)
September 2011 – Mistress’s Master (Men in Blue Book #3)
September 2011 – PRINT – Razor’s Edge (Men in Blue Book #2)
November 2011 – Eastern Ambitions with Mari Carr (Compass Brothers #3)
TBD – Needing a Cougar – PRINT – Anthology including Driven from Cougar Challenge series

Good luck and Happy New Year!