Razor's EdgeOkay, I thought about it as I drove to work and back today and there was a LOT of traffic.  So here’s my big plan.  I’m ridiculously grateful for the release of this book, which has consumed a big chunk of my free time in the past year (since I still have a full-time career outside of writing).  To celebrate, I’m going to play a game with fun prizes!  I’ll pick seven winners to take their pick from my stash of goodies including t-shirts, mugs, calendars, mousepads, pens, autographed cover flats and more.

I’ll hop into the head of six different characters from the Men in Blue series during the countdown contest, one each day.  To enter, leave a comment guessing which character is telling you about what they’re grateful for.  I’ll leave all the contests open until release day.  You can also earn additional entries by retweeting my contest announcement each day or by sharing the link to the contest on Facebook.

I’ll put a list of possible answers at the bottom of the page (each character will only be used once during the contest).  You can check out the blurbs and an excerpt from Razor’s Edge and Night is Darkest by clicking on the pictures in this post for clues.  If you still don’t know, take a guess!

Okay, ready??  Here we go:

Night is Darkest by Jayne RylonMystery Character #1: “I’m a lucky bitch!  I’ve survived a boatload of adversity in my lifetime, including the loss of my brother last year.  While I’ll never completely recover from his tragic loss in the line of duty, I’ve been so very fortunate to have two amazing men to help me rebuild my life.  Shh… don’t tell, but I’m in love with them both.  Okay, it’s no big secret.  All of our friends know and support our unconventional relationship.  Especially the gaggle of hot cops my guys work with.  I’m baking my ass off to get ready for the holiday in between my shifts at the hospital.  I can’t wait to have our new house overflowing with all that mancandy.  I’m hoping Razor will bring his new girl along, too.  She’s fantastic!  Oops, I’m getting a get over here and get naked look from my guys.  I’m extra thankful for that.  So… gotta run!  Good luck in Jayne’s contest.”

Possible characters:
James “Razor” Reoser
Isabella Buchanan Carrington
Mason Clark
Jeremy “JRad” Radisson
Lacey Daughtry
Tyler Lambert
Jeremy “JRad” Radisson

Stop by tomorrow and don’t forget to share the news on Facebook and Twitter for more chances to win.