Razor's EdgeIn case you missed the kickoff, Razor’s Edge will be available on Tuesday (11/23) and you can already pre-order on Amazon here.  To celebrate, I’m hosting a game with fun prizes!  I’ll pick seven winners to take their pick from my stash of goodies including t-shirts, mugs, calendars, mousepads, notebooks, pens, autographed cover flats and more.

I’ll hop into the head of six different characters from the Men in Blue series during the countdown contest, one each day.  To enter, leave a comment guessing which character is telling you about what they’re grateful for.  I’ll leave all the contests open until release day so be sure to go back and do prior days if you like.  You can also earn additional entries by retweeting my contest announcement each day or by sharing the link to the contest on Facebook.

I’ll put a list of possible answers at the bottom of the page (each character will only be used once during the contest).  You can check out the blurbs and an excerpt from Razor’s Edge and Night is Darkest by clicking on the pictures in this post for clues.  If you still don’t know, take a guess!

Okay, ready??  Here we go:

Night is Darkest by Jayne RylonMystery Character #5: “Hey there, readers!  How’s it going this fine weekend?  Damn straight I’m cheery.  My life rocks and I started out the morning with some of the greatest sex in the history of the universe.  The other Men in Blue are giving me a look that’s all ‘Dude, tone it down’ but whatever.  I don’t lie.  The last several months have been some of the finest of my life, even counting in things other people seem to dread like buying a new house and preparing for a wedding.  I’ll admit, every time I think of the big day I get some crazy grumblings in my stomach, like I ate some serious nachos, but it’s not cause I doubt for one instant that I’m making the right choice.  I want everything to be perfect for mates (that sounds dumb but I don’t want to say their names, duh!).  Nah, to me it’s more of a formality.  Nothing could pull me away from the girl… and guy… I love ’til death and beyond.  Above all else, I’m thankful they feel the same about me.”

Possible characters:
James “Razor” Reoser
Isabella Buchanan Carrington
Mason Clark
Jeremy “JRad” Radisson
Lacey Daughtry
Tyler Lambert

Stop by tomorrow and don’t forget to share the news on Facebook and Twitter for more chances to win.