So, if you haven’t heard me screaming from the hills yet, Razor’s Edge is finally here!  It releases officially tomorrow, but if you can’t wait it’s already available at MBaM here.  HOOORAY!  I can’t express how much I enjoyed writing this book, the sequel to Night is Darkest.  I’m about to get started on writing book three, Jeremy Radisson’s story, any day now.  Anyhooo…

It seems pretty fitting that on the same day Razor’s Edge releases, I was selected to be the erotica spotlight on RT Book Reviews website.  How awesome is this? I’m flattered and excited to be featured.  I hope you’ll all take a peek at some personal motivation behind the Men in Blue series.

Okay, but for the main event… I wanted to talk a little about Razor’s Edge and how important music is to the book.  If you haven’t read the blurb/excerpt yet (feel free to check them out below) the hero and heroine end up as partners in a pro-am dance competition.  Maybe that’s why every time I’d write a scene for this book a song would pop into my head.  Not sure.  But it did.  Even more than usual.

For example, the first time Izzy and Razor dance together, they dance to Etta James’s “At Last”.  *sigh*  Razor has no idea what the song is but he knows it sounds classy and it appeals to him just as Isabella does from the very first note.  By the same token, the first time Razor shakes his booty for Isabella, it’s to La Roux’s “Bulletproof.”  Okay, I know, not very subtle.  Still, for a guy who’s survived three gunshot wounds in the series so far… it seemed appropriate.

Those are just a couple, I can think of at least four other songs at pivotal moments.  So if you choose to read maybe you’ll listen to them as you’re in those scenes and hear what I was hearing as I wrote them.  Above all, I hope you enjoy the story!