Okay, so it’s no shocker that I adore Mari Carr.  In addition to being an awesome friend and a fantastic collaborator, she happens to be the author of some of my favorite books.  But, I have a dirty little secret which I shared with her last week.

Picture this…

Mari and I are roomies at Romanticon (she must be a little nuts since we roomed together at Lora Leigh’s RAW last month and she still came back for more).  It’s probably close to 2am and we’ve laughed our asses off, danced the night away and had a blast chatting with other authors and, of course, readers.  We finally make our way back to our room and Mari’s ahem a teensy bit wasted.  We’re crashed in our separate beds with the lights off, about to fall asleep, and we start talking about books.  Mari tells me she’s read every word I’ve ever written. It’s like the “I love you” moment.  You know, when one person drops the L-bomb and the other person chokes.

OKAY.  I admit it!  I’ve been busy lately and Mari writes about 1029340293840293841-02234819 books a year. Shameful.  I’m a horrible friend.  I’m behind on my finished product Mari Carr reading (informal critiques we post at our author group, International Heat, don’t count).

Now that conference season is over and my busy time has passed at my day job, I set out to rectify my gaff.  I bought a print copy of Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice at Romanticon (thanks for the well thought out signing Mari– she wrote “OMG” for the second time in one of the books I’ve bought from her.  sigh).  I woke up this morning intending to read one stinking chapter before doing chores.  What happened?  Damn straight, I opened the book and couldn’t put the @!$#ing thing down.

No joke, I’m not just saying this because anyone and their brother including Ms. Carr, the smartypants herself, can read this.  Though let’s face it, I hope you’re cracking up by now Maribear…  I LOVED Sugar and Spice.  We all know I have a sweet tooth so I adored Ryan Travers from word one.  But, honestly, it’s my favorite Mari Carr book so far and the best read I’ve had this year.  I can recommend the book without reservation.  Hell, it even helped me organize my house because I promised myself I’d let myself read the second novella in the book, Everything Nice, tonight if the daunting mission were accomplished.

Before I run away to snuggle up with my ridiculously signed copy of Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice I should also tell you I’m part of a contest through www.samhellion.com which you can win free ebooks from this week.  Check it out here:  http://samhellions.wordpress.com/

If you haven’t read Sugar and Spice, Everything Nice yet.  What are you waiting for???