Through My Window by Jayne RylonI saw this amazing review by MA from Loving Venus Loving Mars for my latest release, Through My Window.  Check out the entire review at their site, but here are a few of my favorite snippets:

Rylon imbued her protagonist with remarkable depth and complexity.

This author’s writing is superlative and convincing with exquisite, well-timed pacing.”

Above all, this is an erotic fantasy about a night in the life of a successful prostitute. Neither Star nor Rylon allow sensuous storytelling to minimize the coarser realities of the business. Rylon relies heavily upon setting to this effect and strikes an impressive balance. I never forgot Star was a prostitute, but somehow her actions never came across as sordid or degrading, nor did I feel sorry for her. Star flies above the crasser details of the skin trade and invites the reader to look beyond them into that world’s beauty.”

The story’s overall tone is so erotic, the actual sex in the book flows seamlessly through the plot without competing with narrative, something all great erotica does. The erotic scenes themselves are well-written and unique, varied to suit the moods and preferences of Star’s different customers. Through My Window is a definite keeper. It reads a little like how an accomplished prostitute should perform (I think.) It’s a well-written fantasy, both revealing and mysterious, pure escapist entertainment for a reasonable price.”

StarOfChristmasThis makes my day!  I suppose I should also say that Star of Christmas, the next in the ongoing series of Star’s adventures is undergoing edits at the moment.  It will be released sometime this winter from Ellora’s Cave.  You can grab a sneak peek at the blurb on the book’s page here. Be sure to check back for a release date soon.