EasternAmbitions72LGI LOVE this review that just came in for Eastern Ambitions.  It’s a five cherry review from Whipped Cream.  You can read the whole thing here (be careful, there are several spoilers!) but here are some snippets from my favorite parts.

“I love the world and the characters that Mari Carr and Jayne Rylon have so marvelously crafted. There is an electricity flowing through this story, a sense of things flowing just below the surface about to erupt, that draws the reader in with the first words. This story grabbed me by the throat and wouldn’t let go until the final sentence.”

“This story is deeper and more emotional than the first two books, and there are many secrets that need to come out. The connections between the main and secondary characters in this story are expertly intertwined, with everyone filling some need in another. But this is definitely Sam and Cindi’s story, and they have some major barriers to get through to get to their happy ending. There are several hot spots in this, and the scene in the yard with Cindi and the men is one of the hottest things I have read in a while. That was the moment when Cindi and Sam realized they were perfect for each other, and it was written to perfection.  This is one very hot romance, but bring a huge box of tissues, because this one will bring the tears, both from laughter and from sadness.”

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Happy reading!