DrivenI’m pleased to announce Driven received a 4.5 star review from Just Erotic Romance Reviews.  You can check out the entire review by joining their newsletter here.  Below are a couple highlights from what they had to say:

Title: Driven: Cougar Challenge
Author: Jayne Rylon
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Reviewer: T.S. Peters
Rating: 4.5 Stars

“Driven is a stand-alone installment of the Cougars Challenge series. Normally we rate book on a ehh to a grab your toys and have fun scale.  But Driven is a you’ll need those spare “just in case” panties read. ‘Cause this book is H-O-T!”

“I found myself lost in Sebastian’s sweet but over-the-top gestures and shivering just imagining his sexy accented voice whispering in my ear.  Although he was supposed to be this uber hot and famous guy, he was still very down-to-earth and somewhat humble.  This made it very easy to relate to him.  Lynn is the same way. Readers get the chance to see her grow emotionally and come to terms with her own needs.  Like most working women, she found herself living in a repressed box.  As I read, I could easily see myself as part of the Temp the Cougars group. Cheering her on to cut loose and then share all the nasty details. ”

” The multiple scenes, exciting sexual situations and range of emotions kept the pace racing.  Some readers might object to the ménage scenes which take up a good portion of the book.  But I think that anyone looking for an easy read that makes your heart pound will enjoy Ms. Ryon’s Driven.”

You can buy Driven directly from Ellora’s Cave at a discounted rate as well as at Amazon, B&N or other third party retailers for list price.

The sequel to Driven, Shifting Gears, centers around Mark Rossi but heavily features Sebastian and Lynn so if you are looking for more, check out Shifting Gears coming October 29th!