The collection is priced lower than buying each of the eight books individually so scoop it up! This collection isn’t available on Amazon because they don’t pay a fair royalty for books priced over $9.99. You can buy the Kindle version off of my website by clicking on the JR button below. It is delivered via Bookfunnel and they have customer support to help you load it onto your Kindle if you have any issues.

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Six ménage romances about a crew of bisexual construction workers who take pride in pleasuring the women they love with the help of their friends.

Kate’s Crew
Morgan’s Surprise
Kayla’s Gift
Devon’s Pair
Nailed to the Wall
Hammer it Home

NOTE: I lied. I couldn’t resist writing one more book in the Powertools series after I made this boxset. The reading order should be Powertools 1-6 (as above) then Powertools: Hot Rods 1-8, and THEN Powertools 7, More the Merrier, if you want to read everything in chronological order. The Powertools: Hot Rides series starting with Quinn’s book, Wild Ride continues from there. Sorry, I know it’s a little convoluted but that’s what happens when you write so many stories set in the same universe over a period of ten years or more 🙂



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From Jessica Dunn, Fresh Fiction, “Filled with erotic sex scenes that will have your pulse quickening and leave you breathless. This story can be read as a standalone from the Power Tools series but to have a true understanding of the polyamorous relationship I highly recommend reading the Power Tool series first, in order. The love Eli and Al have is soul deep and they captured my heart. This book is so much more than a gay or bisexual romance, the love the characters share is the heart and soul of this novel. I wait with bated breath to share in that love of the Hot Rods in book 2, Mustang Sally.”

5 Stars from Ava Austin, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews, “Let me just say Jayne can melt the words off your ereader they’re so hot. *whew* I love her writing and I will certainly be reading every book she puts out in this series. The heat level of this book is off the charts.”

From Casey at Daydreaming Book Reviews, “There are two things you know you are getting when you open up a Jayne Rylon book smoking hotness and greatness. King Cobra is the first book in her new Hot Rods series, and it truly lives up to those two things in every level. This is a spinoff of the undeniably great Powertools series. I can tell you right now I want these two guys for my own!!!!”

From Phuong at Daydreaming Book Reviews, “This book has everything I love in a great romance: likeable main and secondary characters, friendships, love, passion and angst. King Cobra has revved me up for the next story in this series and I cannot wait. If you loved the Powertool series then you are surely in for a treat with the Hot Rods series.”

5 Stars and Top Pick from Terri at Night Owl Reviews, “Emotionally gripping and heart wrenching are only two elements that will have you glued to this story of sexual awareness and life changing events.” 5 Star Rating LASR

5 Stars from Foxglove at Long and Short Reviews, “The characters are all well defined, charismatic and deeply passionate, at work and outside it. The emotion in this one touched me, I cried, I laughed and I fell in love with Eli and Alanso. I look forward to falling under the spell of each and every member of the team, an d I hope my fan will last through the series. This is for all those romance fans that believe love is love, and where there is love, life is just fine.”

4 Stars from C.S. Maxwell of Where’s My Muse, “Jayne’s books are not for the faint of heart–they ooze such highly charged erotic scenes to literally melt your eyeballs. I was a fan of her Powertools Series which contained sizzling sex, as well as an emotional punch to the solar plexus. Her heroes are drool worthy, loyal, and sweet for the women in their lives. Holy. Shit. Cakes. Erotic doesn’t begin to cover the steamy scenes in this novella. But let’s not leave out the closeness between these people. It’s not a free-for-all of open sexy times without any emotions.”



  1. Kate’s Crew
  2. Morgan’s Surprise
  3. Kayla’s Gift
  4. Devon’s Pair
  5. Nailed to the Wall
  6. Hammer it Home
  7. More the Merrier